Strida Water Bottle Holder... doesn't fit?

I bought a Strida water bottle holder for my LT and for the life of me I cannot figure out where it attaches. The clip that comes with it is too small for the frame tubes of the bike.

Has anyone successfully attached one of these bottle holders to an LT? … 00273UIFA/

I install it on the front tube of my Stridas without problem. :wink:
The only problem is that it interferes the folding of the bike. :frowning:

I’ve mounted a super convenient Bottle KLICK bottle holder under the saddle (I’ve removed the rack).

I’ve written a little about it here: and hopefully I’ll get the time to take some good pictures soon as well.

You can get a view of my Nike bottle in its bottle holder in the picture at the top of the page.

Some memebers of Hong Kong Strida Club found that this is the only part of the frame on which we can install the water bottle holder without interfering the folding of the Strida when the rear rack is installed. :wink: