Strida Videos

Design of Strida - Folding Bike with Triangular Frame … sign&hl=en

sk8erboi600’s videos on YouTube:
Most of them are related to Strida.

Videos of ClubStrida in France:

Videos of the Singapore distributor:

Videos of the Thailand distributor:

Me & My Strida

New Strida Video from tommyj:

Videos captured from TV Shows in Taiwan:

Folding bike(er). Directed by Christopher Cannucciari

STRIDA on Indonesia TV!

STRIDA on Thailand TV

Video of the fashion show at Interbike 2008
Strida is in there !

STRiDA @ Chile TV program

Strida folding bike at Interbike 2008 Video:

Fun Videos of Strida by new riders in New York:

STRIDA @ The Smithfield Nocturne Folding Bike Race 2009 in London:

Stridas in ATV News, Hong Kong: - delightful !

Awsome video - thats NYC !!

TV ad of Kirin Beer Zero in Japan:

Strida 1 appears in the opening theme of a Japanese TV drama of 1989!

This page includes a storyboard and some of the process of the artist’s wonderful and patient work. :sunglasses:

A Strida Life -commute by bicycle-

Wow! It’s a Strida 2.5 which is a rare item now.

The quickest folding :sunglasses:

The New LAPD Pursuit Bike, Strida 5.0 SX Limited :stuck_out_tongue: