Strida tube valves

I have a Strida 3 with 16" plastic wheels. I am not with the bike just now.

Is the tyre valve Presto or Schrader style?

Are Schwalbe 16 " AV3 tubes suitable?


Hello kalanka,

from the Strida 3 manual, page 24/25:

16" x 1.5" (or ETRTO 40-305) tubes by Schwalbe are AV2 !
(AV3 are suitable for tyre widths including and above 1,75", for example Maxxis Hookworm 16" x 1.95")

Please note that the ā€œAā€ of the Schwalbe label already stands for the correct valve type:
A means car type or Schrader valve type.
(ā€œSā€ is used for the French valve, also called Presta or Sclaverand.)

Recheck here:


Perfect answer