Strida transmision measure

I found a strida transmision for a very good price but i dont have a strida bicycle :confused:
I love belt transmision from strida and i will like to adapt to mi bicycle.
Can someone measure from pedal shaft to the center of the wheel? to see if it is compatible with my bicycle.
Thank you for your time.

Hello chucho,

the distance you are asking for is ~ 45,5 cm (centre of crank spindle to centre of wheel axle).
Please may I ask which bike do you want to retrofit with a belt drive?

Hello BSA,
Thank you very much for the information. The bike im using for retrofit is a decatlon bfold 5 but i am nearly doing from scratch. Cause i am only keeping the frame and reinforcing it to acept all the new things i want to install… As brake discs, fork shock, electric motor of 3,5kw…

Have all the stridas got the same distance from centre of crank to center of wheel axel? :neutral_face:

Hi chucho,

well, I’m sorry but I’m not sure about the last question, the distance does apply for the 5.0 Strida versions, I had never a 3.0 in hand…it’s just a guess that their distance will be at least similar.
Anyway you will need some kind of belt tensioner, the tensioner might bridge the missing distance, as long as that of the bfold5 is a bit shorter…if it’s longer you have to think about a longer belt, I’m afraid of.
I’ve asked for your bike because I wanted to be sure that you don’t have in mind to use a diamond frame - that would not work because of the rear triangle, the belt is endless…

Did you already figure out if the rear pulley of the Strida will fit your hub?

Btw, a really interesting project :smiley:

Sorry but my vocabulary of bikes in english is realy bad :unamused:
If the rear pulley has a standart screw it will be ok for my motor (has it?)
The bfold is a bit shorter (about 3,5cm) but im thinking of making it a bit longer. It will be better for the stability with the motor i plan to put and will give a better geometry to the bike. That is going to change with the new fork.
I plan to tension the belt as they do on single speed frames :wink:

The frame is perfect for the belt thats way i thought about it :smiley:

Thank you again for your help.

I think it should be no problem to understand each other :smiley:
(You might also use single Spanish words, translating of words with google seems much more easy than complete sentences…)

The thread…hmmm…that’s something with a diameter of ~ 34 mm (I’ll edit the correct size tomorrow). I thought you want to use the Strida drive train for pedaling, but for the electric motor it has to be reversed, correct?
If you want to use that for the motor then might this post be interesting for you:

The first problem in comunication lol The drive train would be used for pedaling :wink:
I love that bicycle from endless i read that post long time ago :smiley:
My motor is a nine continent that is in the wheel not a center motor

What i was asking is if the rear pulley had a standar “screw”(i dont now the word for it) so i could put it on the motor

Guess the word you look for will be “thread” (Spanish “rosca” or “hilo”?).
A screw would be “tornilo” - correct?

Unfortunately there could no data sheet of the Nine Continent motors be found,
but if you have a caliper and a Whitworth thread gauge (= “medir”?) you might measure yourself.

The required outer diameter of the hub for a Strida freewheel is 1,37", that means 34,8 mm (34,6 will also do) the pitch is 24 tpi (threads per inch).
This thread seems to be very common for singlespeed freewheels.

“Guess the word you look for will be “thread” (Spanish “rosca” or “hilo”?).
A screw would be “tornilo” - correct?”
Correct for rosca not for hilo :wink:

i was out and i could not measure but it is an standart thread… i think it will do.

I saw there is an aluminum upgrade… Do you now what is the cheapest place to buy it?

Thank you very much for your time!!

Thanks to you for correcting - Spanish is not really my thing :blush:

What upgrade do you mean, for the front beltwheel (100 teeth) or the rear freewheel (30 teeth)?

Everyday you can learn new things :wink:

I was thinking about buying the rear freewheel aluminiun upgrade…
Does it exist a front beltwheel with more teeth? to get faster?
What speed are you able to get pedaling with that configuration (front beltwheel (100 teeth) and rear freewheel (30 teeth)) and what size of wheel are you using?

Well, clear now, that will be better than the plastic one.
You can find it for example here:
Sorry, found no direct link at

I thought maybe you’ve meant the aluminium upgrade for the front belt wheel:
Our new chainwheel set for strida 5.0
ChainWheel replacement for Strida 5 ?

Unfortunately - no, just one with less teeth (80).
And btw, YOUR effort (and higher cadence) alone can make you faster, without a larger wheel :laughing:

Here I’m again unsure what you mean exactly…

For the developments and gear ratios of the 16" and 18" Strida wheel sizes please refer to here:
Gear ratios information about different models of Strida

If you want to use the decathlon bfold 5 please note also that this frame would allow 20" road wheels - with the 100:30 ratio you would be anyway faster (at the same cadence).

For myself, I’m using 80 teeth front and 30 rear - due to the speed drives.
My usual speed on flat surface, without wind and less effort will be with 16" wheels slightly below and with 18" wheels a bit above 20 km/h.
But I’m not trained, lazy and ride for short distances only - I’m surely a bad example for a benchmark

You’ve also asked for the prices, please look at your pm (upper left corner) :wink:

Thank you very very much you safe me a lot of time :wink: Cause in this ( … heel-.html) web i found a much shorter belt … so i think i dont need to modify the length of the frame :smiley:

Guess that’s the 1360 belt - this one is intended for the 80 teeth belt wheel.
The one for 100 teeth is 1440 mm long :smiley: