Strida sx

hi, i am now the proud owner of the strida sx bought from however i think i have recieved the 16" wheel size instead as it measures 16", measured from the outside of the tyre edge. Is this right or am i right to have asked for a new set?

Also does anyone have any tips for keeping the wheels together when using it as ‘a walking stick with wheels’ as any bump in the pavement separates them and it becomes quite frustrating. Are the magnets just not cut out for anything other than a pristine supermarket floor?

Apart from this the bike is amazing :slight_smile:

To keep the wheels together you can just try velcroing a strap to the tubes at the bottom just before they split off to the wheels. As for the 16 inch wheels I think you should return it and ask for the actual SX model. Cause from the looks of the link you gave me it’s not just the 18 inch wheels (which are $200 CDN alone!) but the sx version also comes with an alloy rear rack (another $50), which holds double the weight of the original one.

Did you try adjusting the strength of the magnet? After setting mine to low strength, my wheels became easily separated when rolling folded. I quickly turned the magnetic strength back up.

The link goes to the sx model for me, and i do have the alloy rack and pedals, i was just unsure about the wheels i got as they measured about 16.5 inches in diametre. i sent a photo to strida this morning, with a tape measure showing the diametre of the wheel. they told me that “an inch is not exactly the same as a cm” whatever that was supposed to mean. i did have the inches on the tape measure, so not sure if that was a sarcastic remark or a mistranslation as they are based in holland.

I actually got my girlfriend to make me a velcro strap, as i find it difficult separating the wheels to deliberately unfold the bike, i didnt fancy increasing the magnet strength, unless anyone knows a cunning way of separating the wheels. my current method is just hold both wheel tubes and pulling the front one away, there is probably a better way?!

The traditional sizing system based on Anglo-Saxon inch is notoriously inaccurate. You may want to use the ISO system instead. For instance, Strida’s 16" tire is 305mm while Brompton’s 16" tire is 349mm. The 18" tire on Birdy and Strida is 355mm, but Moulton’s 17" tire—get this—is 359mm! Anyway, there’s really no need to measure your tires. Just take a look at the markings on your tire sidewalls and find the tire size there. If you see XX-355 (XX is the tire width), you have the right ones.

ah, thankyou very much, i thought there was something going on here. what a weird and wonderful world we live in. I much appreciate the feedback from all you guys, there is little information on the internet.

The easiest and fastest way to separate the wheels is to slap the left handlebar while propping up the unfolded Strida with your right hand or forearm as is shown in this video at 0:08 sec: … re=related

A quick, firm handlebar tap shears the magnetic hold on the wheels rather than trying to pull them apart. I’ve got my magnets dialed up for a secure wheel catch but can easily and quickly separate them in this manner.