Strida SX wheel alignment when folded


I recently bought myself used Strida SX in pretty pristine condition I’d say. However, I discovered an issue: when folded, wheels don’t seem to line up perfectly. Rear wheel seem to be slightly higher, magnets are not perfectly lined up, one wheel is barely touching the ground and whole bicycle wants to tip to it’s side.

This makes standing it up straight against the wall (like shown in manual) very difficult/impossible unless stored in a corner.

See the pictures:
(notice stuff packed up under the wheel to make it stand straight)

Is this adjustable in any way? I was looking at the manual and it doesn’t seem to, but I thought asking. Maybe I just got not the straightest Strida in the world.


that’s interesting…I’d think first of a bent ball shaft (inside of the upper joint).

Could you please add an image with the unfolded bike from left or right?



Sure, here you go:

Thank you!

Well, comparing your second image (the close-up) with two of my bikes it really looks odd.
The upmost part of the seat tube seems to be a bit higher on yours.
Also there is a small gap between the plastic part and the steering tube - I don’t have that gap, both parts seem to touch (looking from the side).

The ball’s shaft has to be completely straight and it should be in a 90° angle to the seat tube.

Even if do believe that the chance for an upwards bent shaft is much bigger - I still think that on your bike, the ball’s shaft must be bent downwards.
(The downward bent shaft “shortens” the rear tube, therefore the rear wheel sits “higher”.)

There is nothing to adjust btw.

Please try to check above.

HInt: If the ball was overstressed, there can occur cracks in the frame, around the shaft’s thread.
Please look for cracks, too.

Coincidently I’ve got other Strida LT without that issue - see attached photo:

Hard to tell. Maybe there’s small gap, but hard to judge the perspective.

I guess only thing I can do is to replace both the joint and the ball (if that’s even a replacement part)? I see no way of checking whether shaft is bent without taking the joint apart and I think you can’t put it back together without plastic part replacement?

Yes indeed, very hard to tell.

If you turn the steering to the right and look from the left side in the gap - you still can’t see anything?

Of course, all the parts are available :wink:

Please don’t disassemble it yet, let’s talk first with Bill, maybe he has an alternative idea.

It can be quite tricky to get the plastic halves out of the frame because in many cases the Philips screw will be seized together with the claw nut which sits inside of the plastic.
If that happens, there will be no other chance than to destroy the plastic totally and pull it out in pieces (very nasty work).

I don’t have anything else to offer at this time, my first thought was that the ball joint was out of position but looking at the photos the ball joint seems to be OK. If you do try too remove the ball joint and you find the screw is seized or the nut is loose on the other side then to remove it you can drill the head off the screw. I have had to do this and I masked the tube so I would not damage it with the drill bit slipping. Removing the screw head make the ball joint easy to remove.

I have two ball joints in stock, I have more on order but with Strida and orders that order is still months away! :angry:

Cheers, Bill

I think I’ll ask around where to buy replacement ball and socket in Central Europe (Poland). Only after I have it I’lll attempt disassembly. But I’m also not really convinced for the ball to be bent enough to mandate this amount misalignment.

Would there be any chance to bring your bike to Vienna?

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll make it to Vienna anytime soon. :slight_smile:

Too bad.
Well, was just a try, a fellow truck driver, somebody related going on vacation, such things are possible.

Regarding the parts, if you can’t find them I can assist you of course :wink:

If you ask me - I will definitely NOT recommend to fix this issue solely by yourself - please hire an experienced bike mechanic and accept help.

Me neither - therefore I’d really love to check myself.
In direct comparison with my four bikes (and three front tubes) we should be able to find the issue.
My problem is that I can’t find any other logical reason for this issue than above mentioned - I’m more or less forcing myself to this conclusion.

Let’s try another approach:
Can you find anything else different between the misaligned SX and the LT?

Also not that easy, because you had to filter properties which are caused by the fairly different wheels…

I see someone from Poland (bottle opener? :wink:. I recently bought 2 brand new SX’s in October, and I haven’t noticed any of these wheel alignments. If I can 2 cents, it can be dictated. Is this the bike from Krakow? Offered on a sales portal? In my opinion, one of the pipes is repaired at home and that’s where the difference comes from.
You should have the bike inspected professionally, as Blackstridaaustria wrote, and a thorough overhaul of the bike, which is about 10 years old. Sorry… :wink:

Yes, bike is indeed from Kraków and from sales portal… is there anything you know about this particular Strida?

Well, thinking about this…
…first, which pipe?
Bottom tube shorter/longer…no reason for this effect.
Steering tube got longer…not plausible.
Seat tube got shorter…I think that is possible - but not without leaving marks.
(If there are marks, they can be hidden only under the seat molding.)