Strida stickers

Hi all

where can i purchase, if possible, the stickers that are on the front & Rear forks, which are seen near the wheels both sides when folded.

I have been very careful with my Strida, but a few times when ive put the bike in my car, my wife has accidently added too many items to the boot, hence causing the stickers to get scratched.

Also would be glad to hear of any other mods available in the UK (ive already got the alluminum rear rack).

Stickers …please!!! :angry: :angry: :open_mouth: :unamused:

Just Ask Strida Taiwan, or europe, (or even dealers) nicely :smiley:
loads of address’ on the interweb.

…i would like some stickers too!
Can anyone help us?

someone should sell them on amazon…

@ sotirakas:
Sorry, still no useful logo…wtf?..

@ tnprime:
Guess Ming cycle won’t really like to see their logos officially sold by some company…(*)

Why not make the stickers by ourselves, as the originals are obviously not easy available?

As already mentioned here:
Strida decals and reflector strip
I’m a big fan of using reflective foils for decals due the added safety effect.

All shown decals were made with a Silhouette Cameo cutting plotter, back then only in black or white (silver) foil.
Recently I’ve got new reflective sheets in seven colors (four more are backordered),
the first results are not that bad I believe…

Size: 60 x 17 mm - the word “Strida” is a bit larger than that of the older “” lettering.

The most important difference of those stickers compared to the original ones is the count of single parts:
Even the i-dot is an extra piece; so there are in sum seven parts - the original sticker is just one piece!
To make the applying more convenient we need to use a so-called transfer foil.

Some of the readers are perhaps not familiar with this transfer technique;
a few simple things should be watched and I’ll try to show a short how-to.

Thoroughly cleaning of the paint surface should be self-evident; please don’t use acetone or nail varnish remover :wink:

Step 1:
Most work did the cutting plotter, the outline contours were cut in the reflective foil.
The backside (adhesive protection foil) should be left intact; therefore the cutting knife has to be adjusted exactly for each foil type.

Step 2:
The unwanted material must be removed manually; for little chunks (inside of R, D, A) will be a needle very useful.
There is a special expression in German for the withdrawal of the parts outside of the letters - “entgittern”.
I couldn’t find a correct translation but I mean “de-caging” would make sense…
However, sometimes the letters - especially the i-dot, or corners - like to peel off the backside, together with the “cage”!
That must be avoided; a toothpicker or maybe a stylus will be helpful to keep the letters in place while “de-caging”.

Step 3:
Transfer foil (weak adhesive) will be used to secure all single parts in their correct position.
It should be applied straight and plain, without tension in any direction.
Due to the weakness of the transfer foil adhesive it’s very important to rub the foil painstakingly onto each decal area

  • otherwise it might fell off while removing the backside protection!

For example; the oval signed area at the right side of this “A” is connected well to the foil, but not the rest.
(The rubbing tool is the rear end of a big tweezer.)

Step 4:
Last to do is the removal of the backside and the applying on the desired location,
here additional to the Strida front reflector:

Regarding (at least 3M and Hi-Viz) reflective foils I want to add a warning at this place:
The adhesive of these foils is indeed strong, that means (later) removal is really nasty.
And there is exactly one chance to place this stickers properly; corrections are not possible!

The lettering “Rota Explicare” is in fact the name of my friend’s store; we’re planning to provide some selected bikes with these stickers…
…and perhaps more by request, could be the initials of the new owner or anything like that.

Unfortunately are my artistic skills very poor, but with the Silhouette cutting software it was actually easy to create this oval “air intake” design:

I’d also like to cut this logo

but I’d need much higher resolution as above to work with…

Does anybody know who created this one:

It’s from a Russian site: :question:

A limitation of the cutting plotter is anyway the size of the details;
tiny things like the spokes, brake discs and the holes inside of the beltwheel can’t be cut faultless.

Well, just to mention it…if you’ve managed to damage your original stickers, you will most likely injure reflective sheet even sooner because it’s much thicker than the originally used printed foil…

Of course I’d supply stickers like shown above also for forum members.
(*)In minor quantities, for a fair price and as a private fan, I hope Ming cycle won’t sue me…

Not really 11, but at least 9 colors…
Still no logo with bike :cry:

From Russia with Love :wink:

From Russia with Love :wink:

Hej kolochkov,
they’re looking beautiful - well done!