strida spares

Recently purchased a MK1 strida, want to give it a 2nd lease of life!
Any ideas where i can get spare parts from?

Hello fuseboxstevens70,

if you have some parts to exchange, you might try here:

[url]!!NEW!! mk1 spareparts]

I am sorry for being unable to help more :cry:


U could try sending Fedex or courier account details to Mark Sanders (so he doesn’t have much hassle) Plus a begging letter, picture of part and offers of all sorts of charitable acts / donations … you never know :smiley:

The thing I heard is like ‘hens teeth’ is the Zinc Mk1 Rear Pulley, so if you have a good one - have it nickle plated to mk2 spec – or have it copy CNC’ed in Aluminium then anodised. Many Mk1 & Mark 2 parts are interchangeable, but tube lengths are slightly different.

Other wise Mk1’s come up regularly on ebay UK

… whole bikes often under 50 UKP but shipping could be a hassle.
Good luck and post back.