Strida South Korea gallery (25 pics)

All pics were found here:

Higher resolution pics are here:

Nice colors on the first one. But are these 20 inch wheels on pics 13-17?? How? I believed Strida frame won’t accommodate 20’s…

Sorry cubicapple, I’m not able to provide additional information.
Maybe you do know somebody who is speaking Korean?
Here’ s the link:

It might also be possible that these are SLO’s, did you notice the strange bottom bracket?

What I know is, that the shown rims Alex DV-15 are available in 18" and 20", also the Schwalbe Kojak’s.

Did you notice the frame size, the shape of the front pulley, the cranks and the seat mounting as well? They are Strida Minis actually. :wink:

Thanks Amuro,
now it’s clear why the wheels are looking that big :slight_smile: