Strida shops in Frankfurt am Main?

Hi everybody,

Could somebody please point me to a shop in Frankfurt am Main where I could buy Schwalbe tires/tubes for my 18" Strida? Online stores delivering to FaM will also do. Thanks!


Hello cubicapple,

I’m very happy that you’re still here :smiley:

You might use Schwalbe’s dealer search, just fill in your local post code (should be 60311 for Frankfurt).

Anyway you should call first to find out if the rare Strida sizes are in stock!

Hope you’re searching for Kojak’s and not for Marathon Racers, the Marathon’s 35-355 are not any longer in production.
(If you need explicitly Marathon’s please pm me :wink: )

You can try or have them too.

Thank you guys! Yes, I was after kojaks – can’t ride on anything else after my road bike with vittoria tubes :slight_smile: I called a couple of shops in FrM listed on the schwalbe site as BSA suggested – no luck. Finally ordered the kojaks, along with presta tubes, from, as Bietrume suggested. Now I only wish it was Spring to try them – can’t order it from amazon though… Or should I give it a try?