Strida shared by tall and short rider


I am planning on buying a Strida for my partner and I to share for quick rides to the shops, general cruising about etc. She is 5’6"/168cm and I am 6’1"/185cm.

I am looking at the Strida SX with the quick release seat.

Can you tell me if:

  1. the Strida SX size will suit her?
  2. if the range in the quick release seat is enough for both of us to be able to conveniently ride the bike.


Hello Guest,

Yes, of course, the recommended height limit is 145 - 193 cm, according to the Strida website:

Strida SX

Hmm, in principle yes - the height limit of the QRS will be the same as the original seat molding -
but in practice surely not conveniently, I’m sorry to say.

In few words:

The QRS system has two ranges, the first from 145 to 175 cm and the second from 175 to 193 cm.
The ranges can pe preselected by the position of the seat pin (upper or lower seat pin hole).
Within each range, the height can be adjusted easily.
But to change the range you have to unmount the saddle and the QRS system, change the seatpin’s postion, and then to remount the whole thing again!

Personal example:
My girlfriend is 172 cm, I’m 189 cm.
If we ride with 16" wheels, the lowest QRS height (with upper seat pin hole) is manageable for Mrs. BSA.
Equipped with 18" wheels is the the lowest QRS position too high for her (just 1" makes the difference).

I’ve tried to bypass this constructional “masterstroke” a while ago, the result was already posted here:
quickly removable seat pin / QRS modification DIY

Please don’t overlook the disadvantage of a modified seat molding…

Thanks for the reply.

Gasp! :open_mouth: Let me see if I have got this straight.

  • There are two lots of 25cm ranges of adjustment.
  • With no overlap between them.
  • And they did not bother to put another hole midway between.

That’s insane. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

If they can screw that up what else have they got wrong?

Gladly, no problem :smiley:

You got it…

Don’t worry, it’s not that much, just details :slight_smile: