Strida SD washer type and size

Hello everyone!

Do you know what the size of speed drive washer (see the picture)?

What a type of washer? DIN 137 А? DIN 137 B? Spring or knurled? DIN X?..

I’m lost my washers and want to buy it in shop but don’t know size and type.

Hi Alex,

let me see if I can find something in the documents…
…if not I’d need to take off the pedal and measure :wink:

Sorry, no specification found…

From the “living object” :smiley:

That’s anyway a cup spring, made of stainless steel.

Inner Ø : 14,3 mm
Inner Ø : 27,8 mm
Material thickness 0,8 mm
Unloaded height ~ 1,6 mm

Please read here if you’re not familiar wih the function of cup springs :wink:
Re: Sideway movement of the rear wheel

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Hi, Blackstridaaustria.

Thank you, waiting you answer :slight_smile:)

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Thank you very much, Blackstridaaustria!

I found some specifications… Seems like truth?

I mean they should do the job…
If there are problems we may try to order original replacement from Germany :smiley:

Today get it. It was difficult.

Fit perfectly. Thank you, Blackstridaaustria. :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

thank you for the feedback :smiley:

Your’e lucky that your postage staff is working at Saturday; here they don’t :unamused: