Strida SD impressions

Someone asked me about my experience with the SD over on flikr where I’d hosted some images. I thought I’d share my response here as well. (add a couple of extra comments that came to mind after I’d responded to him though, so if you are reading this, there are updates :slight_smile: )


So far I am liking it very much. I’ve owned a Strida model 3.2 since 9/2005 and had gotten quite used to its gear inches.

The Duo has taken a bit to get used to as a result. The lower is gear a bit mushy, the higher gear a bit stiff compared to the original. That being said I am getting used to the change and quite like it. I have moderate hills on my commute and the lower gear does make them easier, especially from a standing start which I sometimes have to do.

Also, I will occasionally make a stop midway on the train in the downtown restaurant district and the lower gear is very convenient for sharing sidewalk space when needed; it makes for a smoother slow speed experience.

The upper gear allows for a nice cadence and I don’t feel like I’m pushing as hard to get to or maintain a comfortable speed.

The gearbox is branded ATS, but the manual for it is identical to the one published by Schlumph, down to the same typo’s, so I’m under the impression that it is a licensed Schlumph product. So far it has been very reliable and the heel clicks to shift gears became second nature very quickly. And on that note, the shifting is very smooth. One click and it’s done, unlike a traditional derailer chain gear that has to transition from one chain ring to the next. So shifting can easily be done sitting still or moving.

My standard commute is about a mile and half from train station to office so I’m not putting a lot of distance on the bike.

Thanks for posting this and replying to message on flickr! Would you still describe the drivetrain as “smooth” in either gear the way that the 3.2 or 5.0 drivetrains are?

I would, yes. Except for the obvious perceived tension differences between the 3 gear ratios the overall ride experience hasn’t changed.

The first several trips the change was admittedly disconcerting. I’d been riding the 3.2 for nearly 4 years and had become very accustomed to “how it was supposed to feel”. The low end felt very weak, while the high end felt like riding into a wind. That perception though was entirely internal and over time and use the perception has adjusted to the new “standard”.

Also, I’m at the upper end of both the suggested height/weight limits for the bike. At 6’4 and around about 220 lbs, give or take, (and not counting my backpack load) there’s a lot me to move around. I don’t know if someone smaller and/or lighter would find the gearing better or worse.

Thanks for the review that’s very informative. At least with the 2 speed drive train you can have a low speed. They retrofit hopefully should come soon since schlumpf told me to wait till september. Depending on the price it would be a great way to bring up my speed instead of the 18 inch wheelset.

Here’s a bit more on the SD, and with 18" wheels. … mpression/

Thats a good review - and useful to see the gear tables