Strida SD - crank pedal rubs bolt head


I am the proud owner of a Sport Duo.

The left pedal crank interferes with the bolt that holds the catch pin to the front tube.

Part Numbers 128-02 and 274 on the parts diagram in the owner’s manual.

Obviously, this only happens when I am walking backwards with the Strida in the folded position,

Is this normal?

Is there some way to space the crank further away?


Hello sillybunny,

welcome to the forum!

The behaviour you noticed seems to be normal for a two-speed Strida.
Maybe slightly different from bike to bike, as you can see below:

Crank does touch bolt, passing is possible…

Bolt blocks the crank, passing impossible (without violence)…

The reason is the different (straight) shape of the two-speed cranks.
The original (bent) crank is lying upon the two-speed crank:

You provided the best solution by yourself. Do NOT walk backwards!
What I mean is:
Do not PULL your Strida, PUSH it!
Anyway, you will notice that the rolling stability of a “pushed” folded Strida is much better than that of a pulled one. :wink:

OK, thank you,
that explains it very well.

I suppose that it’s not such a big price to pay for the benefit of two gears.

And yes, I do make a point of pushing instead of pulling the Strida when walking,
but sometimes I find myself stuck at the end of a dead end…


Hi SillyBunny,

You’re not the only one. I already saw scratched paint / anodization on the bolt head of my SD as well.

All you have to do to solve this is to take a file to the head of the bolt. Worked for me :laughing: