Strida SD BB compatibility with Strida LT


Just to check if any of you guys aware that Strida LT Bottom bracket can be installed on Strida SD

Hello Spydr82,

unfortunately I don’t understand completely what you’re having in mind…
If you mean whether an LT can be converted into an SD - yes.
If you meant you want to use the plastic bottom bracket of an LT to mount a speed drive - no.

Hey Blackstridaaustria,

Can I convert Strida SD to become a single speed?

You just need to do that
Re: Has anyone retrofitted a schlumpf on their strida?
in reverse.

But why do you want to do that?
Excuse me…just curious…

I am just afraid one day the speed drive give way one day. At least with single speed, it’s lighter.:slight_smile:

You have to be afraid - with the ATS speed drive.
But you don’t have to as an owner of an original Schlumpf speed drive;
five years warranty and Swiss craftmanship are the arguments.

You’re right with the weight, the saving will be ~ 1 kg.

Will need new belt if converted to single speed.