Strida repair shop in Metro Manila, Philippines

The back tire of my Strida LT has a big cut, probably due to too high air pressure. Anyway, I have a hard time finding a 16" replacement. The usual suspects along Pasong Tamo and Cartimar have at most very cheap kiddy bike tires of poor quality.

Where bring other Philippine Strida driver their bike for repair, buy spares?

Welcome Blumentritt,

interesting nickname, do you speak German? :smiley:

Out of curiosity; did you ask the general distributor?

DNC Marketing
Address: 34 Granada Street Barangay Valencia Quezon City
Tel/ fax 571-5322

And what if you use the local web research, maybe:
Kenda Kwest 16" x 1,5 (40-305)
Gumonder G701 -“-
Innova Eclipse -”-
Schwalbe Marathon Racer -"-

Just left as a very happy customer the DNC Bicylces store at 34 Granada St. Thanks!

Yes, I am a German living in the Philippines. Blumentritt is a nick I use in reference to the great Bohemian Philippine expert Ferdinand Blumentritt.

I bought my Strida a few years back at a local high end toy store which sold “strange” bikes more like gadgets without support. So was really happy to see a real Strida store with the newest models and lots of accessories. Kid in the candy store feeling.

Great that you found them :smiley:
And many thanks for teaching!

Nie gehört von dem Mann - schändlich als Österreicher…
Jedenfalls liebe (und ein klein wenig neidische :wink:) Grüße aus Wien!

Hi Blumentritt,

Have you joined Philippine Strida Club Facebook Group?

I hope to ride with you someday.

Regarding the tire. I already went through 2 tires having a tear near the wire bead. I guess the tires over time become brittle. I’m using the stock Strida tires (GMD / Gumonder).

Sounds great except that I belong to the rare species of people, who haven’t joint facebook yet.

The damaged back tire was the original stock tire. The suggestion at the shop was, that the damage was due to the bike not being used for a while. Will see how the new set will do. Reading various threads in this forum I am wondering however, if the damage is rather due to me having 16" LT composite rims and use a tire pressure on the high end, e.g. Right now 100 psi on the new tires.

Source: Tips from Mark.pdf, page 3, below point 4.

Surely meant Mr. Sanders here the older wheels with 12 spokes, all I can say is that the newer, 5 spoke plastic wheels are indeed wobbly…
Re: Sideway movement of the rear wheel

Hi to all…hope someone can HELP me to find a CHAIR AND HOLDER FOR CHAIr for strida folding bike…
Please kindly text me a this number 09956588741 am from cebu but willing to pick up the item any where in manila.