Strida Repainting


Are there any people in here who repainted their Strida?
I wanted to repaint mine (main reason was removal of ugly stickers graphics thet are under the paint) and I delivered it to my bike mechanic to dismantle for sanding the frame and he just … was to afraid to remove the ball socket and pointed that he cannot do this because he don’t want to brake something he mention also some problems with wheels and other parts that he was unsure how to take off without making damage (my Strida is brand new and I never used it). So do you have any tips for me before I will go to the next mechanic - what possible problems he could encounter and how to solve them ? Im starting to worry that I won’t find anyone skilled to do this and I will be stuck with ugly strida :cry:

Hi Grześ,

it should be doable, approved by specialists already ten years ago as below :laughing:
All credits for this image to an unknown user of “Cafe Naver”
(I like this two-tone design very much.)

Congratulations to have met a serious mechanic, I think he is very honest and fair.
Much better to say No as long as he’s unsure.

Also I believe to understand what he meant with the ball socket - most likely he was not sure about if (and how) the ball is secured into the frame.
(There is a small worm screw at the underside which is hard to notice).
Moreover that it is some work either to cover or to unmount/reinstall the bearings.
Bolt holes, threads and other certain areas should also not be painted.

I’m in contact with a user from Netherlands who wants to powder - coat a Strida seat tube.
As this must be done under heat I’ve made heat resistant covers for axle and caliper holes out of aluminium and silicone sheet. Just it will take a while to figure out if that works or not.

Thank you for the insights - yes that’s true with the mechanic - he is the only one in my city who is good with custom non standard work - rest of the places that doo bikes - mostly sell them and are not that good with special wishes let’s say. Anyway I will try and update here what is the progress with this special mission :slight_smile:

Hi Grzes, this post on my site explaining the ball joint may help your mechanic be more comfortable with removing it and replacing, … explained/

Cheers, Bill