Strida rear pivot compressing disk spring......

I read somewhere that the Strida rear pivot joint is the bolt and washers that hold the down tube to the seat tube, I understand that, but… Compressing the disc spring creates movement so the down tube can slide into the front tube When it’s folded, I have trouble with that. In that case there should be some radial play on the shaft in my opinion. Who wants/can help me out of the dream?

Hi Willems,

let’s try, where is the problem?
Just a problem of theoretical thinking or actually a technical issue?

Do you mean that there is some force required to “cross” the tubes?
That is normal.
(I’d recommend to use the frame clip instead of “crossing” the tubes.)

Yes, there is indeed some radial play!
Even if the plastic cap and the axle stump would match to each other perfectly - you had still some play which is given by the flexible plastic material of the insert and the long lever of the tube.



thanks for the answers and questions…
I find it acceptable that the spring washer ensures that the acial clearance can be adjusted nicely, but that the spring also serves to allow springs when closing the Stida is going too far in my opinion. Well if there was radial space in the black plug, if it is new it will fit perfectly.

Well, I mean we are thinking similar.
As said above, I don’t recommend to fold our bikes by “crossing” the tubes - especially for longer periods (like winter season).
I believe it is better to use the frame clip, the tubes stay nicely together, but without ongoing tension at the joint.