Strida Noob - A bit of help maintaining my new Strida 5.0

Ok, i accidentally stumbled upon this unique bike as my friend wanted to get rid of it. The person in her apartment before won it and never used it, and she didnt want to to gave it me… For about £15. I now see these are worth quite a bit.

Ive tried tweaking it a bit (an tightening the many loose bolts) but stumbled into some issues.

First, the tension adjuster. Ive loosened it and i assume you are suppose to be able to move the bolt in the direction of the rear of the bike but it wont budge.

Second, i tightened the rear wheel and this has pushed the disc closer to the brake. I also tightened the brake at each side. This caused it to touch one side of the brakes. I attempted to remove one of the washers on the rear disc brake caliper but now have found there is like a screw within a screw and im finding hard to screw this all back together…

Any tips? Links for good maintenance??

Also, how do i tell what model my Strida is for sure? Ive looked at pictures and it looks like a 5.0.

Ok, the simple use (and purchase) of a extra allen key sorted problem 2. Perfectly aligned brakes!

I could still do with some clues on how to adjust the belts tension…

Have a read thro the following post … it discusses several versions of Strida but you should find the info useful.

Personally I find keeping the belt no tight, but not floppy is best (ie no residual tension). But making sure the little ‘snubber’ bearing at the back is almost (but not) touching, the back of the belt ie 0.25mm gap.