Summer Sale 3 days and new 5 QR+ Modells

Hi everyone,
what do you think? Looks nice and fair priced, too.

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Well…I could not resist… :nerd_face:

which one would it be?

What is the difference between this and SX ?

Actually I’d prefer a black one, second choice is red.

5.0 has 16" (ETRTO 305) wheels with 24 spokes.
SX runs on 18" (ETRTO 355) wheels with 36 spokes.

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actually theres no black one. Green, white and red. I would like a black one, too. I have a SX, but want to get bigger tires. Why not buy a new bike instead :laughing:

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Schwalbe Big Apple 50-305

yeah, but need the rims, too.

Out of our experience are the Schwalbe Big Apple’s the only tyres (in that width) which are compatible to original Strida 16" rims. :+1:

unfortunately i have 18"

I thought you want to buy a 16" Strida, my suggestion was meant for this.

I may not have expressed myself well. Is the frame actually the same for all models? In other words, do all rims fit all models? I would like to have wider tyres, but unfortunately they don’t fit on the 18". 16" rims are not available in the shop at the moment.

2 Stridas don’t really make sense.

Yes indeed.

Rim = Felge (German)
Wheel = Laufrad
Yes, all wheels fit all models.
(The rare exception is the Strida Mini.)