Strida Netherlands / Germany experiences?

Hi everyone, first-time poster here!

I don’t actually have a Strida yet but I hope to soon. My only problems are a) finding somewhere where I can take a test ride and b) getting some answers from the distributor here.

The test ride should be resolvable, but I don’t seem to be getting any responses to my emails to Strida Netherlands (, who are also the distributors for Germany, where I am located.

Does anyone have experience with Strida Netherlands? Are they reliable? Do they have good customer service? My questions for them are pretty basic: Can I get any of the colours aside from silver, black and white? (Like those available in France, Asia and the US.) Can I get any of the extra accessories, like they have in the UK?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry, I’ve no experience with but I assume Strida Netherlands is at

Maybe you can find out if the Strida 5.1 with Schlumpf Speed Drive will be sold in Europe next year or will it be an Asia-only product. I read on that is available in Korea. I’ve not seen anything else about it anywhere.

Yes, and are the same site / same company. Just different languages. :slight_smile:

Before I find out the answer to your question, I just need to hear any answer from them whatsoever! Very frustrating. Don’t they want to sell these things?

Maybe I should just go over the border to France and get a Strida there, I get the impression that they have their sh*t together better ( Nice packages, more colours. Too bad they seem to cost a lot more in France.

I would contact one of their dealers … who are listed here (on google maps).

I think the new system is that ALL sales are done by shops. (I also Know that it is still Holiday and eurobike / IFMA trade show seasons … so the 20 strong Strida head office may not be so well staffed … but keep trying ).

A week later and still no answer … all I really want to know is can I order a colour other than silver. (You people in Taiwan, Korea and Singapore are so lucky!) I am even willing to go to France or the UK to get the accessories if necessary, but the best price for the bike itself seems to be the direct online price.

Am I going to have to call? Welcome to the Internet Age. :unamused:

Strida European headquarters
Wibautstraat 125
1091 GL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel.: 0031 20 - 330 74 01
Fax. 0031 20 - 330 52 31
Email: or rik AT

from the web :mrgreen: