Strida model


Here another post about a Strida model. Can you help me about the model and the year of my bike?
I bought my Strida in a second hand web. I don’t know if it is Strida 5.0, 5.1, 5,2… or Strida LT
It has stickers with the text “” (originaly bought in frech web?)
Color and style: Sand Desert
Wheels: 16" brown plastic
Seat quick release: yes
Rear rack: plastic
kickstand: yes

It’s almost the same as this but with quick release seat, kickstand and plastic rear rack:

And the holes of the metal brake discs are circles. Different as the web link shows.
In the photo on the web you can also see that it puts Strida in relief on the handlebar grip, in the middle, on the front. My bike doesn’t have this.
For the rest, everything is the same. I think.

Thanks in advance


I’d not know how to figure out exactly when your Strida bike was made, anyway it must be an “older” one.
(Maybe you could ask Ming cycle, telling them your frame number.)

Typical attributes of the LT version are brown (or black) plastic wheels. would suggest France.
(If you want to search via waybackmachine then use the old address

These are the previous discs, the newer version is now slotted.

Also a sign of newer frames, the recent, EN compliant frame version has some reinforcements, too.