STRIDA MK3 PART 100-03 / 100-04


I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I currently own a Strida MK3 (older model) and the lock part it appears a mini ball baring washer part has broke or fallen out of the top part of the locking part.

It still locks but turning seems a bit off.

The part on the manual is 100-03 or 100-04 from which i can tell.

Would there be available replacements for this part or a way to fix it?

Problem is all the mini ball baring’s have gone and it is in two pieces the part which holds the ball baring’s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Links for images of part and issue below, cheers … 9ys0TKJvbX … 2TJFweoBrl … V8eWM4IoBh … 4EToHl85lb

Hi Luke,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Just days ago I’ve published a short article which is referring exactly to your issue - just in German: … t5025.html
In short words; it is definitely no problem to source those small bearings - BUT you need some special tools explicitly!
Either you use the original tools as below or you try a common “blind bearing puller” of matching size.

Unfortunately is the bearing change most likely the worst issue which can happen on a Strida and I’d recommend highly to hire professional help.

Of course I can tell you how that works - however do not even try without the required tools :exclamation:

Hi thank you for the reply!

Would it be the Bottom Steering Bearing i will need to buy from the images i posted and the extra ones below? … IWV2U5lw1D … lDmLW_sEME … 6NoAqHAmzQ

Where can i pick that tool up from please?

Also will it still be driveable without for the time being?

Thank you

Yes - lower bottom tube bearing 100-04 means 6803Z a standard bearing for ~ 2€
The easiest way to find is a local google search using 6803Z

I’m afraid at your local Strida dealer only - for 200 € upwards.

You need not exactly this, as I wrote above you can use a common

blind bearing puller (kit) like below

  • which will cost you also ~ 200 €

Solution: You need a local bearing specialist (= already owner of those tools).

OMG - NO!!!

If you do will the rear hinge be overloaded (by missing guidance at the front end) and the frame will wear out massively!

You have been a massive help thank you!

What would the code be for the top bearing I’ll purchase both bearing just in case both are damaged I google the bearing pull kit and the highest I have seen was only £30 as I was starting to panic 200 euros was worth more than the bike itself second hand.

I assume this is the correct kit thanks again … 3747583899

Upper bottom tube bearing 100-03 means 6802Z :wink:

Oh I see - thank you…I should consider changing my tool source :laughing:

Hi, are the bearings just clamped in or is there also some loctite involved?


usually they are just pressed into their holes, no Loctite required.

Good to know. Thanks a lot for you answer and time!

You’re always welcome :smiley: *

*Valid for more complicated questions, too :laughing: