Strida Mk1 top mount 3D printed

Hello guys,

Here’s my Mk1 unit with the 3D printed top moulding/joint parts for the ball joint. Used the common PLA for now and plan to print another one using PETG or ABS and see which one is more durable?

Have been using this bike to and from commuting by train and buses. Longest for now is around 10km ride. So far so good.


If I may ask; did you let a company 3D print for you or do you have your own printer?
Just out of curiosity because I’ve started printing my own parts a few months ago :sunglasses:

Hi Chris,

I’ve got a neighbour who can do 3D printing.
He charges very reasonably and I support his hobby as well.
When you say you started printing your own you mean you also have a 3D printer? Or have it done in shops?


Hi Orzalana,

thank you - good to have a nice neighbour :smiley:

Well, I’ve purchased one of these at the end of last year:
This one was chosen because I’ve read that it delivers very good printing results while being relatively cheap and the price related disadvantages are manageable (= no automatic leveling).
Meanwhile, I can confirm that the print quality is really very good, so far I’ve printed PLA and PETG.

Actually I was surprised about how easy it is to create something within a short time, for the first steps I’ve used this program:

The most fascinating thing of 3D printing for me is that one can print things to enhance the own printer! :laughing:
I’ve printed already a new PSU cover, fan funnels, leveling knobs, spool holder, hotend carrier for direct extruder and more for my Mega S. :sunglasses:

Problematic for a beginner are anyway the numerous adjusting possibilities of the slicing program which is required to control the printer, for example Cura:

To handle this, I’d highly recommend to obtain assistance by trained personnel:

Here’s another source for Strida related 3D parts:



Hi Chris,

Good to note that you’re finding the 3D printing worthwhile.
It is really very fascinating. And the amount of possibilities that you can do is endless.

It seems we share severals things in common. I tried tinkercard in my initial play with creating my own file. I managed to print several gears and cogs for my camera related stuffs. Now I’m trying to learn Fusion 360. A bit more complex but challenging. Once I gain enough knowledge with this I might go in deeper with 3D printing.

Was also thinking of getting my own 3D printer but still trying to justify its presence in my house space. The missus might object. We already have 2 Strida Mk1 now occupying one square meter parked in one corner. Might need to 3D print some wall hanger for it? :slight_smile:

Future 3d printing plans in my Strida Mk1 customisation:

  1. Fenders
  2. Seatpost add on moulding
  3. Frame clips when folded
  4. Water bottle holder mount
  5. Freewheel/Crank plate

Plan to do them all in matching colours. I’m taking my time and in no hurry. One at a time only. After all…I waited 30 ++ years to get my hand on the original Strida? he he

Cheers mate!

Cheers mate

Hey, I’m wondering which exact part you’ve printed?
I have a 3d printer and sadly I had the back of my stem has got broken by some removal guys (they dropped both of my bikes/the bikes unfolded unexpectedly) and now I have one with no seat support and one with no cover to hold the ball in place which really sucks. Mine are late 1st gen/early second generation and the plastic clip together failed (As they oh so often do)

Hi Mensamonster,

welcome at Stridaforum! :smiley:

I believe, to avoid misunderstandings, it would be better sometimes to refer to the exact part numbers (as shown at the exploded drawings of the manual 1, page 49).

Also, I think that orzalana printed part 11 (both halves) from this page:



Hallo can somebody help me were part 11 is for sale? thx :smiley:

Hello Fons,

you can download the file and then look for a (local) 3D printing service, like or

Once you uploaded the file at their page you will be able to choose material and you’ll see the price.

Unfortunately it’s not feasible to produce these parts by myself because my printer is simply too small.

Good luck :wink:



Well…better you don’t follow my recommendation above… :unamused:

At shapeways, the price for reinforced Nylon would be about 170 € - for the left half! :open_mouth:

At Xometry they offer Nylon PA12, starting around 75 € per half.

Also, I’d like to add here some info regarding 3D printing particularly these parts:
Following Mark’s advice, we are looking for Nylon material.
I think we should use anyway Carbon fibre reinforced Nylon, but note that these materials are very abrasive. There are at least hardened steel or better ruby ( ~ 50 € upwards) nozzles necessary for flawless printing.
The slicer’s settings have to be adjusted, there is maybe a printer housing suitable and more - Nylon may cause frustrating troubles for 3d printing beginners.

Meanwhile I’ve also noticed that the task should be doable with the Anycubic mentioned further above, I was wrong with the size; the parts can be rotated to fit the buildplate.
However, I’m familiar with PLA, PETG and TPU, but not Nylon ¶ so far.
Printing parts of this size in highest quality (which I’d recommend) may take ~ 24 hours or more btw.

You need a skilled and patient hobby 3D printing partner, mate!