Strida MK1 repair/missing part

Hi, not sure if this one has been covered before but I’m looking to get a replacement of the black plastic socket that holds the bike together.

That’s held together with glue in that pic. I spoke to VanMoof and they cannot source it, I’m just wondering does anyone have an alternative? I was going to creat a 3D file and have it printed i was quoted €20, but my measurements were guestimates at most. I’m tempted to trying something with wood.

Also I’ve noticed a lot of people posting about replacing the the top handlebar socket piece. I had done this in 2003 or 2004, with the handlebar set from the Strida 2. I think I had to drill something but it all still works.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Adulthuman,

I’m afraid it will be impossible to find this part, please consider that the last bikes of these Strida version were manufactured ~ 23 years ago!
Since 2014 are even parts for the following version - the Strida 3 - not any longer in production.

All you can do is:

  • Try to find another (defective) MK1 with a functional socket part.
  • Try to contact the inventor, Mr. Mark Sanders directly, a while ago he still had (some) parts, perhaps he can help.

Good luck!

Thanks man, appreciate that I’ll post any updates.

Hi there, I own a beautiful old Strida MK1 and I am looking for some spare parts:

  • the plastic ball socket (with “Strida” written on it)
  • the wheel clip (the part that looks like a crown) that keeps the bike closed (“clipping” the wheels) when folded
  • the security clip/lever which keep closed the bike while riding
    Do you have those pieces or know where to find them or have any idea of replacements?
    Any suggestion (doable for a non-mechanic-man such as me) will be appreciated, thanks so much!
    Kind regards