Strida Mk1 & Mk2 Replicas

MK1&2 BADGE.jpg
Strida LT Mk1 Replica with Hellolulu Camera bag

Strida 3.2 Mk1 Replica

Strida 3.2 Mk2 Replica

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More photos of the 3.2 Mk1 and Mk 2 replicas :sunglasses:

I do not get it.

So they took the Strida 3.2, painted it black and called it MK1 replica :open_mouth: , then they painted another one grey and called it MK2 replica.

What’s next? :unamused:

I don’t think this is a good thing. Ming should concentrate on innovation. Like gears, QR and metal front pulley. These replicas are just marketing. :frowning:

Actually, the idea of the replicas came from G.U.M., the distributor of Strida in Hong Kong, instead of coming from Ming. Therefore, those replicas including 3.2 MK1, 3.2 Mk2 and LT Mk1 are supposed to be sold in Hong Kong as special editions only.

However, some 3.2 Mk2s made by Ming were shipped to North America and are being sold by Areaware/Strida US but they are equipped with normal stock saddles instead of classic Strida saddles in Hong Kong.

Come on, what a nice way to sell the Strida 3.2 more expensive than the LT:

Strida 3.2 $695 :open_mouth:
Strida LT $650

BTW, I have the “original” Strida 3.2 bought NEW in Europe (in 2008) for 300 EUR. I’ll keep it, it’s a classic. :mrgreen: