Strida MK1 crank/bottom bracket noise

Hi guys,

I recently re-greased (bottom bracket/rear wheel) my MK1 and test rode it for about 7kms. With some uphill climb. I noticed on the climb, nearing the top, there was a cracking noise at the bottom bracket section. Maybe because I put too much pressure pedalling reaching the top. I stopped and pull it aside and test the crank while lifting the rear wheel. It seems smooth and ok. I carried on but now the pedalling has a consistent clicking sound specially noticeable at the upward stroke.

To recap the problems are:

  1. When pedalling upstroke there is a clicking sound.
  2. Its probably the same spot during one complete rotation
  3. But when stationary, and pedalling there is no sound

I really like the MK1 to be a user bike and not just for display.
Anybody encountered this? Would greatly appreciate the help.


Hi Orland,

regarding that I’d recommend to study the “Strida 1 manual” and also the document “Strida tips from Mark”, both (and much more :laughing: ) can be found at Mark’s issuu page:



Hi Chris,

Hello and thanks again mate.

I already have all of those that you mentioned. And in fact as I’ve mentioned I already re-packed the bottom bracket and rear wheel including the rear drum brakes.

And the good new is, today I removed the bottom bracket housing and dicovered there are several pins on top and sides to hold the mount in place. Once cleaned and put back in place it seems the noise is not there anymore. But still need to do some hill climbing test to see if the noise will get back. If it does, the only one I can think of causing it will probably be the freewheel mechanism in the flywheel.

Best regards