Strida mk1 1989

hi everyone came straight to and buy an mk1 with danish frame can therefore see it is from 1989 it came from factory.will probaly be fun and get on with it. the price was 80euro :smiley:
kind regards
Carsten (Danmark) Then there was just a picture

Hi Carsten,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Hopefully you’re not expecting too much from the old lady :wink:

Good luck,


Hi Chris
she´s going for a walk up the wall :smiley: do not think she gets much more on the road

That is in fact a brilliant idea!
On the road, she might disappoint you sooner or later.

Do you consider a newer version for riding - or do you have one already?

hi consider a bit if i had to buy fine a used MK3 for the road. :smiley: in time rideon Bullitt Cargo bike

I see - that is a different league of bikes :smiley:
How much load can it take, I couldn’t find any hint a their page?

hi Chris
a Bullitt can clear 180kg dead weight Bullitt ca.22-25kg

Wow, amazing…principially, you could go bike shopping and return with about a dozen of Strida bikes at once :laughing:
Btw, for riding every day I’d not recommend to purchase a Strida version older than 5.0 :wink:

Thanks i will so try and look for one mk5 :smiley:
there is probably always room for one more bike in the workshop :smiley:
a good day hi everyone yes then Strida MK1 came up on the wall.beautiful as it is now :smiley:

Seems that you own a very nice and roomy shed… :sunglasses:

Hi Chris yes i have 100m² so there is room for some bikes.the car must then stand outside :smiley:

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Hej Carsten, maybe you should open a bike store, 100 m² are truly sufficient :smiley:

Hej Chris
yes thats probably a good for when they have to go away again so there will be more 2 wheel in the workshop.this weekend an old mailbike is coming to i wonder if it,s going to be a good weekend :smiley:

Hej Carsten,
please pardon me for my curiosity…but if your workshop has 100 m² -
(mine has ~ 12,5 m² btw)

  • how does your house look?
    Like - so :open_mouth: :question:

hi as just a completely normal danish home of 180m² with the workshop of the 100m² :smiley: