Strida Mk 1 Parts Wanted


I LOVED the idea of getting a Strida, and the shear brilliance of the design caught my eye straight away. However, having purchased a Mk1 on eBay which rode ok at first (i.e. for the first 10 mins I rode it) the brakes then seized up and metal splinters formed in the brakes, and I have not been able to put it right since.

I would ideally like to keep the bike, so would appreciate if anyone has Mk1 or Mk2 drum brakes and brake hubs they no longer require so I can replace the older ones.

Does anybody know if any of the newer parts are compatible with the older model bikes?



The rear Mk1 pulley is now not available.
I read (somewhere, here ?) that the best thing to do is dismantle the rear wheel form the brake axle etc. Mk1 manual available on line eg >>

Carefully pick off ALL the metal shavings from the brake shoes, and then using a file or sanding block, smooth the surfaces of the shoes - make sure there is NO metal on the shoes (holes OK , but not metal :sunglasses: )

Repair the Rear pulley / drum eg

  1. Refit the flange if loose … and peen over the edge to effectively rivet the pulley and flange together.

  2. Carefully smooth the inner braking surface - so that it doesn’t bind/ pick-up the brake shoes.
    (ideally this should be done carefully on a lathe)

  3. Look in yellow pages or local trade directories for ‘metal platers’ and find a company who can nickle plate the Pulley … this adds a very hard surface to the pulley - (as the Mk2 pulley) which prevents this metal pickup on the brakes AND reduces wear from the belt.

The only alternative to this is to have a machine shop copy-machine the pulley in Aluminium.
Or make up a new drum and dismantle / machine down a current Strida5 Aluminum rear pulley to fit on a new machined stainless steel Drum brake - this obviously needs a good machine shop.

Good luck !

PS the cheap, short term solution is to disconnect the rear brakes, AND remove the rear brake shoes - so just use the Front brake which is steel (BUT - at your own risk :smiley: )

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