Strida Mk 1 in Hong Kong

Strida Mk 1 on Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard, Tsim Sha Tsui.

After changing the tyres

stem.jpgsaddle.jpgcrank set.JPGpedal.jpg
Stridas Mk 1 to Mk 3, all of them belong to the same person!

Here are the broken parts:
Both of them have broken, so the wheels cannot stick together any more.

So that Mk 1 is, what, 20 years old? I’d say it’s held up pretty well, all things considered. I wonder if the belt has ever been replaced?

The rear reflector has been replaced by a round shape rear light.


Photos taken at night

Latest Photos

Photo taken at Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical GardensDSC05188.JPG


Strida Mk 1 appeared in the official gathering of Hong Kong Strida Club on 30 November 2008!




I could have bought three Strida 1 for almost nothing here. They sold them for 500 SEK some 72 US dollars.

But I bought a new Strida 3.0 or maybe 3.1 which had been for try out and had some scraches and a locked bolt I had to drill out cause impossible to change saddle height with it locked tight for small people I am 6 foot 6 or so 194 cmtr.

Can you confirm that Steadman and Sanders did change the geometry of the 3 significantly compared to Strida 1? Does it feel a bit different to ride?

They are great for train and busses and subway but here it fails to take them into shops. the shop owners don’t accept even folded Strida.

I want to change it for a A-bike that are strengthened to keep up with my 100KG weight.

An A-bike can be tucked in a rugsac and bearing on my back and they Shop Owner does accept such.

I bought a Rollator from Cixi Bright Manufact SanIiangKo Zhouxiang Town Ningbo
Product BR-RW-1 not sure if they have pictures of it. I cost almost nothing so it was a good buy. I plan to try to modify it so it could be transformed into a Kick-Rollator and a regular rollator and hope the Shop owners accept such creatures. The acceptance for ordinary plain Rollators and Walkers is very high. Seen as an aid to the disabled they build ramps to help one enter the shop.

But Kickbikes and Kickboards and Trikke and such are not allowed in. So one need to do the transformation so it is invisble. It should look like a real Rollator to get passed their Hawk Eyes :slight_smile:

ahh they had a link to it on Alibaba or this one

Looks fun to be part of these enthusiastic riders. Go for it! Strida Rules. :slight_smile:

Yes, here are the differences among Strida 1, 2 & 3.
You can see the angle of the stem of Strida 3 is different from Strida 1 & Strida 2.
Strida 1 & Strida 2: 0° (horizontal)
Strida 3: 18° upward

There’re other choices in the market. They seem to have more sturdy frame designs than the A-bike.

Of course, including the CarryMe Series. … 1=1&cat2=7

Here is a picture on their website:

My SmartBike seems be a copy of a Handybike with 12" wheels and in heavy weighting steel instead of alu. Too heavy to have it on the back.

The Rollator could maybe be reconfigured to be used as a four or three wheel kickbike and if I manage to make it so it could easily get back to its original shape that would allow me to use it as a regular Rollator and thus allowed into the grossery shop without any harsh reaction from the security guards. It weights a bit too much though but most likely one never have to bear it ever. one always roll it apart if one have to lift it up stairs and no elevator in sight.

The very good thing about kickbikes are that one are forced to use the sidewalks and are not allowed to use streets and that protect me from the dangerous traffic of cars and aggressive bikers :slight_smile:

Bad thing is that sidewalks in winter are not plowed or cleaned up as good as the streets.