Strida Mini tire (tyre) correct pressure?

The manual says 30-40 psi for the Mini. The sidewall of the tire says 50-85 psi. The sidewall also lists the same range in two other units. Does anybody know which is correct? I searched this board but could not find the answer. Many thanks in advance.

I think you should always follow the markings on the sidewalls of the tyres. :wink:
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@Amuro Lee: Thanks!

I wonder if some of the discrepancy between the manual and tire markings is explained by the plastic wheels on the Mini? Mark Sanders says that 65 psi should be the max for plastic wheels:

But he may be referring to the full-size Strida models. Maybe the 14" plastic wheels on the Mini can only take 40 psi, even though the tires themselves could take up to 85 psi?

Mark means that 65 psi should be the max for plastic wheels used on Strida 3.x
Strida Mini comes with alloy wheels which can withstand very high tyre pressure. :wink:

OK. Thanks for the helpful info!

Same strangeness with regular strida. For two weeks I’ve been thinking that maximum pressure is 65 psi (manual says it should be 40-65 psi) and pumped tires accordingly and then suddenly discovered the markings on the sidewalls, which say 65 - 100 psi =). Quite a difference, isn’t it?

My upper legs agree fully… :slight_smile:

The information about tyre pressure in the manual of the 16" wheeled Strida is quite outdated. The 16" wheeled Strida used to come with Kenda Kwest (65psi max) tyres. However, they have been changed to Gumonder G701 (100psi max) tyres since a year ago. :wink: