Strida mini tire replacement?

Hi guys, I’m new here. I was given a hand me down strida mini and I’m enjoying it a lot but the tires have sadly given out. Any recommendations where to get a pair and what are good brands? They’re terribly hard to find.

Thanks in advance.

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I was confused first, so I’ve edited your subject line, please pardon me.

You’re looking for tires (tyres), note that you should use the ETRTO size 40 - 254 too,
perhaps you get better local search results then.

I do agree that matching tyres are still hard to find - therefore, I’m afraid, you don’t have much chance to choose the brand :neutral_face:

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Thank you so much for this. This is a big help.

Follow up question,

Do you think I can replace the 14” wheels with a 16” on a strida mini as a sort of upgrade?

Thanks, while reading your question I suddenly remembered something which is already ten years ago :laughing:

Yes, that must be possible, check out below, these are certainly Minis which you can verify by looking at the beltwheel.

A few more images are here: Strida South Korea gallery (25 pics)

All images belong to users of Cafe Naver/South Korea!

I have some concerns regarding the removal of the rear brake - I’d certainly NOT do that.
Also, I would not leave empty spoke holes on my rims, that is technically feasible - but it doesn’t look professional.

Thanks. This forum is really helpful.

Would you know if I can replace my 14x1.50 tire with a 14x1.75? Would it fit on the same rim?

Unfortunately, I’ve no experience at all with Strida 14" wheels.
I suppose that would work.

From some experience with 16" (metal spoked) wheels I can tell that 1,75" wide tires are generally no problem.
But caution, this is pretty exactly the border - above 1,75" you may/may not expect trouble with the original rims, depending on width and also brand/type!
Really fat tyres, like Maxxis Hookworms or the monstrous Vans will need custom wheels with extra wide rims definitely.

I was thinking of the schwalbe big apples which are 14x2.0. I wonder if they will fit. I saw on the forum that some members had trouble with them on the 16’s.

I would say if you upgrade your mini to 16 inch rims you would find it is a very good investment .

Much better riding performance.

My another Strida mini with 16 inch rims upgrade. Recommended!

Thank you mate that’s very helpful I think.
Could you tell how much clearance you have left over between the frame tubes and the rear wheel?
According to me, the clearance of the rear wheel is a bit smaller than on the front wheel - on full size frames.
Do you think that is equal on Mini frames?
(Meaning that you have to expect clearance issues first at the rear wheel.)

Also, I’ve made an odd experience with Strida 16" plastic wheels in comparison to original 16" metal spoked wheels - they are “dished” different!
That means that some certain, wide tyres would fit on 16" metal wheels without touching the frame - but the same tyre on a plastic wheel will get in touch with belt or frame tube.

Mini upgraded to 16” plastic rim
16x1.25 tire
Front wheel clearance = around 3mm (almost no clearance)
Rear wheel clearance = around 8~9mm

  1. It is said that 16” plastic rim is a little heavier than normal metal spoke rim
  2. Also, with well adjustment, metal spoke rim has less deformation than plastic rim. And the driving force delivery is more efficient.
  3. However, plastic rim need no maintenance and it won’t have metal spoke broken issue.

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However, it is no problem to fix this :smiley:

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Woah! Awesome.

But no question that you had to lose the fenders huh?

I was eyeing this used strida SX the other day and wanted to buy it but I couldn’t get around it not having the stock fenders. What are you guy’s opinions on this? Are fenders really important to you or is it something that you wouldn’t notice if they weren’t there?

Hi, I prefer my Strida with fenders, if you don’t have them on your Strida they are easy to add, … h-fenders/

Cheers, Bill

Just my personal opinion .

If you don’t ride on Strida in the raining days, then remove fenders may be ok.
For C1 there is no fender and I do Not see where the problem is .

But if you upgrade your mini to 16 inch rims
You cannot install fenders

To me that ( no fender) is not a problem

For me neither, the more as the original fenders are not really sufficient for my meaning.
I’d appreciate another type of mudguard, instead of just one we would need two, slightly different shapes to fit perfectly.
I’d create them both wider, to avoid collisions while folding one could make, for example, the front one a bit smaller in diameter and the rear one a bit larger.
This way the fenders could overlap each other, once folded.

Of course, the manufacturing effort is higher - instead of one mold they would need two.
Too expensive…

In Taiwan some people use 3D printer to make customized fenders .
It may be not that difficult. And the materials should be cheap.
However, you have to make the design drawing by yourself.

And you’d probably need to drill new holes, right?