Strida Mini question

Hey guys.

My neighbours are also falling in love with the looks and the folding concept of Strida. Think it’s kind a contagious. :smiley:

The main purpose is using the Strida on holidays in their motorhome - camper. But … the luggage box in their motorhome is around 1.10 cm wide … and a ‘normal’ Strida is 1.14 long. So no go was my answer.

But … as my neighbours are not that tall, a Strida mini would just fit perfect in the luggage box 'cause the Strida mini is a bit shorter.

Can someone here confirm this? And is it the frame that is a little shorter, or is it just a smaller size of wheels that makes the difference?

And probably a more difficult question: we live in Belgium. Dealers in Belgium are rare and my neighbours are definitely want to confirm the possibility to stow 2 Strida mini’s in their motorhome luggage box. Dealers are reluctant ordering 2 Strida mini’s and if they should not fit in the camper box, then it would be a no go for my neighbours … :unamused:

Hello guzzio,

best regards to your kind neighbours :sunglasses:

Actually I’m not sure, but I think it might be a problem to find Strida Minis in Europe.

Please review yourself, at all pages below the Mini wasn’t mentioned;
(Checked also the unofficial German dealer’s page without result.)

not even Asian sites offer it (any longer?):

There’s one in India (?) - we can find here size info:
Deltacycles/Strida Mini

According to above it must be both, wheel and frame; as we know - thanks to Amuro - the Mini’s wheel size is definitely 14 inch.
Re: Gear ratios information about different models of Strida
And just one inch less doesn’t make the bike 12 cm shorter…

However, I believe you, respectively your neighbours, would have a hard time searching these rare bikes…
Isn’t there any chance to carry common 16" Stridas upright anywhere else in the motorhome?

You mentioned the width of the luggage box, ~ 1,10 m, could you tell also depth and height please?

Depending on the proportions of the trunk it might make sense to look for a different folding principle.
I could imagine that “package” designs will fit better, perhaps it’s also possible (by tilted or mirrored storing) to let two bikes “overlap” each other a bit - saving another few cm.
As a relatively small example I’ve picked out the Dahon Jifo:

Alternative maybe Brompton?


Hi Strida Fans, the mini is no longer in production so finding one will be very difficult.

I think the Strida is ideally suited for people traveling in an Rv. I have sold many to people who travel with an Rv. Possibly Rvs in North America are bigger but storage doesn’t seem to be a problem. One customer found that standing the Strida bikes and attaching them to the back of the front seats was the answer for them. Because the Strida is clean it is easier to store them in the Rv.
This Rv Blogger has just published this video review, …
and his print review, … ding-bike/

And I have published this post regarding Stridas and Rvs,

Cheers, Bill