Strida Mini and the 2-speed Strida in Korea

Tomorrow there will be a launching event for Strida Mini in Seoul Korea. The boss of Ming will attend and the Korea distributor will serve a barbecue party to Strida riders there.

I’m not sure how many Korean friends will attend. Probably not many.
Of course, I have no plan to attend but you will see the photos here tomorrow night.

I am looking forward to seeing the photos.
Thanks in advance, Binch!

There are rare information about the event on KR community now. I gathered these only… sorry…

  1. That was the launching event for Strida Mini.
  2. There was much beer but just three pieces of roasted meet for each attendee.
  3. Korea distributor said, “We will do our best on repair service from now on.”
  4. They showed 2~3 new samples. One had the double-gears(like the IF-Mode)!!

  • pics by Mangodegul(a moderator of Strida Cafe)

Additional info about the 2-speed Strida… from Wind(a moderator of Strida Cafe)

  1. This information is based on conversations with KR distributor and Sami of Ming.
  2. Gear system has been enclosed in the BB.
  3. You can change the gear-ratio by kicking its crank-arm.
  4. Crank’s material is aluminum alloy.
  5. Devised by Mark Sanders and improved by Ming.
  6. Production may be possible on 2009.
  7. Similar weight with Strida 5.

WoW Super exciting ! A geared Strida at long last - nice to see they hhave kept the belt. It all looks super high quality. I wonder … When we’llget it in the us, howmuch it will cost and if it is retro-fitable as promised ?

Thanks Binch for being our roving reporter and eyes and ears :slight_smile:

It’s a speed-drive installed into the BB of a Strida definitely.

They found the solution finally.
[url]It seems that there'll be geared version of Strida later]