strida MAS saddle

Hello everybody my name is Simon fron Chile, the other day a guy was ridding a strida MAS and showed it to me, to my surprise the saddle was completely different but has strida embossed in it, after some investigation, knowing that velo makes the saddles i was able to narrow my search to two models but can’t tell for sure which one is the correct.

Velo vl-3147 or Velo vl-4126

Also in my coutry I have access to a Velo dl31 D2 but it looks different, by the way i have a strida 5.0 modified to SX

Thaks in advance


Hello Simon,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Sorry, couldn’t find any useful info for the MAS saddle, but I’ll keep looking…

Have a safe ride,


Thanks Chris, maybe knowing the máximum saddle length that the strida can hold can be usefull, the only difference between the two Velo saddles:

Velo vl-3147 Size 272x176 mm
Velo vl-4126 Size 252x174 mm

The original saddle messures 265 mm in length



Gladly Simon :smiley:

I don’t think that length is that much important as rail height:

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Thanks Chris that image give me a better idea of the real form of the saddle and what to look for, by the way, it states that it’s not compatible with the quick release seat molding.



PD. I´ll post the final result of the new saddle.

Considering the rail to nose orientation I do agree fully, but…
…reversed logic - I don’t understand how this saddle can fit the older moldings??

If you’re looking for more comfort, did you also look at Brooks saddles?
Seems that many Striders - all over the world - are totally crazy for Brooks.