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The bag of hardware sent with my LT does not seem to work correctly, the screw to hold the band on for the saddle support keeps popping off. Am I doing something wrong? Did someone accidentally include the wrong hardware? Is there a place I can buy the QR kit? Did I buy a real Strida?
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Lucille from Texas

Hi Lucille, I may be able to help. If you send me some photos then I may understand more.
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Those are all good questions, I can answer one and that is I do sell the Strida QR seat mount. … seat-mount

Cheers, Bill

There is a band that a screw goes through. It does not work, the screw keeps slipping out of the other side of the band. Why are there no Strida distributors and parts not sold in the U.S.?

There has been a US Strida distributor for the last few years. Here is their website with the Strida bikes listed, … &path=1_31

But I have noticed recently a fake Strida bike being sold on Amazon. The fake Strida is named the HappyBuy Folding Bike, I would be interested to know what bike you have purchased and if it is a real Strida. If you don’t want to post it here then please send me an email with a link or details.

Bill :sunglasses:

This is not a HappyBuy. This appears to be a genuine Strida. After I looked at it for a while I found the defect. There is a little pieces of square metal at the base of the clamps and it was just slightly off center. I was able to straighten it with a pair of pliers and the screw went through successfully. I was not looking for it so didn’t see it, and I see how someone packing the hardware bag would not see it either. I’m happy that it is solved.

Good News, enjoy your Strida! :smiley:


Thank you Bill. Does the QR seat mount kit you sell work with the LT?

Hi Lucille,

at Stridaforum!

Well, I’m not Bill but in certain cases you may trust me, too :smiley:

Surely will the Q/R seat molding fit your LT.

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Thank you Chris.