STRIDA long term maintaince

I am a newcomer to the STRIDA world (I am thinking of buying one). Here’s my current opinion on this bike:

GOOD POINTS: the bike is very cool, it’s a good quality piece of equipment, it’s light and very portable.
BAD POINTS: the price (not cheap), spares and long term maintainance

I can get around the high price tag by finding a decent second hand kit, no problem, but the issue of long-term maintainance looks bad. It is evident that people are having problems finding spares for the Mk1. I am not talking about a spare tire or even a broken brake wire here; I am referring to the breaking of one of the components that are so specific of the STRIDA. What if a drum breaks? Could I replace the wheel with one using a disk break, like in the latest models? What if the seat clamp breaks? I have been told that these are NOT compatible with the similar piece used in the STRIDA 5. How long before STRIDA 2 or 3 become difficult to fix for the same reasons? Buying new there’s the warranty … but for such an expensive item I want permanent piece of mind. A good, standard Mountain bike will last forever. Other, more standard, foldable may enjoy similar fortune. But I have the impression that the best STRIDA around may end up being a costly wreck in 10 years time!

Am I making sense?

Any comment?

I dont think you should worry.

Production of Strida is now by Ming Cycles, who also own design, tooling, patents etc. - these guys are the sleeping giants of the bike world … Unlike Giant, Strida is Ming’s only own product, and yet Ming are in the same league as Giant (Ming are a top 5 global bike maker - 99% OEM , 1% Strida ! If you have been into a bike shop or a supermarket, you will have seen several Ming bike’s). Strida3 and 5 as made by Ming are now coming up to 10 years old, and most parts are interchangeable. Spares dont seem to be expensive either, and apparently, even fit some of the better made Strida copies.

Is that so? But even STRIDA themselves seem ( to warn customers about old bikes …

Is that so? I got a different idea after getting in touch with the UK distributors They all agreed that the only way to fix a STRIDA 1, say, is by getting the spare part from another STRIDA 1!

… slightly off topic, “Strida copies”? Any link? Are these available in Uk/Europe?

I was talking about Strida3 & 5, as made by Ming.

I guess It would be hard to get parts for 20+year old Strida1’s & 2’s so getting a spare bike off ebay for 'spares or repair’s does seem like good advice if you have one of those early bikes.

Finding parts for a 20+ year old Strida MK1 folding bike is like a finding parts for a Model T in the automotive world. They are out there but parts for old models will require research. I wouldn’t let that keep me from considering Ming’s current production.

I bought a perfect Strida 1 yesterday and today the plastic ball socket broke horribly. There are no spares to be found for fixing this problem.

Problem with the strida 1 you bought was it was never created by Ming, it was made by a company in england 20 years ago that does not make them anymore. To ensure that there are parts you should only be looking at the strida 3 and strida 5 models which are actually made by Ming. The ball sockets for strida 3 and 5 are interchangeable. But for the strida 1 you are pretty much going to have to search for another strida 1.

Perhaps try Mark Sanders for spare top joints, (but dont expect a fast reply - he is a busy guy). I heard the only part which is unobtainable is the Mk1 (& Mk2) rear pulley / brake… so look after those. Mk2 had hard nickle plate to make them last much longer - a good upgrade if you have Mk1 1 original rear pulley … ‘Nickel Plater’s’ in Yellow pages