We have decided to arrange a summer meeting for StridaForum members as well as all other Strida owners and fans. It will be in central London, probably on a Sunday in July or August.

Please let me know here if you would be interested in attending so that we can get some idea of numbers. Also post your suggestions for activities.

We might even have a very special VIP guest attending. More details to be announced soon.

The very special VIP guest is Mr… right? :laughing:

We need a graphical invitation card showing why this event is GREAT. :wink:

I’ll do as much as I can to make this meeting happen!! :smiley:

WoW newcross !!
I’m ready to help you :smiley:

Sounds good :slight_smile:


Im in!


I have arranged a London meeting on 21st June 10-00 Dulwich park . For a ride to Crystal Palace park. I know of 2 of us that are goingso far.

Dulwich Park London SE22 Saturday 21st June 10-00 at the tea rooms by the lake.


This is another get together for ALL folding bike owners. Its planed at Hyde Park - each month - 1st Sunday. Stridas, A-Bikes, Dahons, Bromptons, Downtubes, Fridays, birdies, Carry-Me’s, R20’s, Mezzos, etc. etc.

Great! Me & the Mrs will be at Dulwich on the 21st - looking forward to it!


Well that makes 4 of us so far.