Strida Lightweight Saddle and cranks


I’m fresh owner of Strida S30X.
Since I received my Strida I began proces of replacing some parts to make it visually different and more appealing and a little similar to street bikes I ride usually.

I’m looking for this saddle witch is quite hard to get :frowning:. Maybe somebody here have a new one to sell - or some tips where to get one?

another question - is it possible to use different lighter cranks with the aluminium belt wheel

Hello Grześ,

welcome to Stridaforum! :smiley:

Seems that the Strida lightweight saddle is sold out pretty everywhere, just Bill has one demo model in stock:

Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of lighter cranks…principially you could use any matching bicycle cranks but I believe that the 4 bolt spider in diameter 104 mm is not that common.

To save weight here I’d recommend to switch back to the plastic beltwheel ( ~350 g) - these are much lighter than Aluminium ones ( ~750 g).

(Only at the two speed drives it is possible to change the cranks with, for example, “Tune” cranks.)



Thank You for quick response - I checked - unfortunately it says it’s out of stock also there - well I guess I need to wait till they will produce it again hopefully. I still have the plastic crankset on - so if it is lighter I will keep it - maybe I will try to lose some weight on pedals - I already ordered carbon handlebars I had stock wheels in carbon - wish there could me more ways to make it lighter - like having that lower part of frame made of carbon. I was posssitivly surprised with the bicycle - only drawback was the weight.

You’re right, the saddle (unused, new condition) is out of stock at Bill’s shop.
But please read carefully - there is still one left over!
(Note also that prices are shown in Canadian $!)

The carbon bottom tube was already realized on the Strida C1.
Just I think it is a disadvantage because it’s impossible to use 80 teeth beltwheels (required for all bottom bracket gear drives) due to the tube’s shape.

Anyway still unbeaten is the weight record of our Japanese friend Genuine_S:

Genuine_S Carbon Rim Strida

Thanks - I was so hyped I didn’t read carefully :slight_smile:
Anyway after contacting Bill I learned that I will have to wait a bit for new supply.

that Genuine_S strida is really something what I hope for to do with mine in terms of looks

Oh well…I’ve totally overlooked that the cranks of the Strida C1 are made of Carbon, too!

So, there ARE lightweight Strida cranks existent and they are available as a spare part.
Just amazing their price - expect about 450 € for a pair of these cranks
(Price from German distributor.)

Here’s a nice parts oversight:

…maybe Magnesium pedals?

Och that carbon crank looks sweet. Indeed a bit expensive but I will take it into consideration.
do you maybe have link to that German distributor ? Distributor in my country doesn’t even reply to Facebook messages - I guess market for strida’s here isn’t so big.

That is not so easy - I need to explain:

This is the page of the German general distributor:

But to get access to the parts pages you must be a dealer!
That means in other words that all dealers listed at this page;
must be able to order anything from the main distributor - they do have a dealer’s account.

Most German customers do NOT know about this btw…

(Please note: I can see mentioned distributor’s page ONLY via my local dealer!)
Further explanation; as we Austrians do not have our own main distributor we are allowed to buy in Germany.)

That will apply to most European countries.