strida lights?

What do you use?

I just ordered the lights off strida UK shop

The rear light looks nothing like that photo, and the front light doesnt fit on the front handle bar?!?!?!?

They are gonna call me back… but I can’t say im too impressed… I ordered lights directly from strida to make sure they fit…

I could have just bought them in a shop!

What lights do you use on your strida?

Knog’s … bright flashing LED’s … but only to be seen not to see with (ie urban lit roads only)… I am sure Strida UK will sort you out - I ahve always been very impressed with them … if anything they seem to under charge.

This rear light fits Strida perfectly!

hi-visibility TL-60 triple LED rear light (replaces reflector on rear rack). Comes standard on STRIDA 5.0 - HK$140
It can also be installed on a Strida 3.x

Forgive me… i had missed the little black bit of plastic that came with the light!!

wahaha it fits perfectly now.