Strida Leather saddle vs Brooks B67-S on Strida

A quick question: I’m deciding weather to get the Strida Leather saddle or to mount Brooks B67-S on my Strida LT. Is Brooks B67-S be compatible? Is the mounting process be easy without any modifs? Pls let me know your thoughts and findings.

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It seems that the Brook B67 would fit (it’s mentioned several times across our forum).
Just I’m not sure whether B67 and B67-S are different or not.

However, crucial is the vertical distance between the lower edge of the saddle nose and the rails as shown below, the two saddles on top of the original will not fit:



Thanks for your reply.
I found out about the differences between B67 and B67-S (S for short)

B67: For Men. L 260 x W 205 x H 73 mm, Weight: 850 g

B67-S For Women with shorter nose. L 240 x W 205 x H 85 mm, Weight: 810 g

Strida Leather Saddle: L265 x W 200 x H 75 mm, Weight: 1,100 g

I guess the B67 and B67-S would fit :wink:

Good pictures at the Brooks pages btw, according to them I’d also say both saddles should fit.


i have mounted a B67 on my Strida. It made so much of a difference to me. Where the poduction saddle should suit everyone, it’s still the kind of saddle that annoys everyone after, let’s say, 15 Minutes, too. The Brooks gives me a connction to the bike You barely dream of using the production saddle.
And i have seen several Brooks on Stridas.
However, nominally, that is measuring the clearance of the front parts of the saddles frame, it would not match the Strida seat post. The Broks can not be mounted exactly oparallel to the seat posts rails. I risked to destroy my seat post but i worked out successful for me.
It’s difficult to mount and You might wish to remove the lower rear scwews of the Brooks before monuting it on the Strida. These are the screws that connect the lower Brooks frame to the springs.
As i have no experiance with other saddles on a Strida, maybe one of us will be able to access a gusti-lederde model Mark C. or Elsy J. and report about the compatibility. These look promising.

regards: Klaus


Well, i couldn’t know for sure a few days ago. I didn’t know whether i was to pic up the second Strida or not. But now i do know.
The Gusti saddle Mark C. fits the Strida seat post like a charm.
Where it was a fight, a challenge and a risk to take to mount the Brooks B67 on my other Strida, there was not a problem whatsoever to mount the Mark C. on my LT.
Not that the saddle was more convenient as the Brooks B67 is, but the Brooks does not really fit where the Mark C. does.

Pic1 : Gusti Mark C. on a Strida LT

Of course, i went for a short test ride. All right!

Regards: Klaus

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