strida leather saddle sliding back

Hello all, I need advise on an issue about the strida leather saddle, after installing it I noticed that everytime I ride it, it slides back, I’m very carefull tighten the bolts of the clamps according to spec. but it keeps happening, I have the QR seat molding on a strida 5 SX

Any advice will be appeciated



Hello Simon,

do you refer here to step 15 of the QR manual?

Could you please inspect the plastic halves regarding cracks in the bolt area?
I believe this may happen only if the molding is damaged…
Guess the bolt must be loose after that happening, no?

Thanks BSA as always for your fast response, you’re right about the step on the QR seat molding Install, also inspecting it, there’re no visible cracks and the bolt isn’t loose.

The finish on the saddle rail is nikel I think and it’s very very slippery, that’s a difference between the saddle that was installed before that has a more rough surface on the rails.



I believe it shouldn’t slip even with a polished rail…astonishing…odd…

Could it be that the “ears” of part 368 are bent outwards accidentally?
And you didn’t put erroneously a washer below nr. 368?

Thanks BSA, the ears on part 368 are ok and there’s no washer below, I’ve googled for similar issues on normal bikes and found a couple of cases with the similar issue, on brook saddles (b67) the propossed solutions consist in applying grease on the rails :open_mouth: or grit the rail with a light grade sandpaper :open_mouth: to help the clamp ta have a better grip on the rail.

Anyway I’ll be looking for a better solution and will show my result here.

Thanks again


How about using the skin of a rubber balloon? Cut a piece and place it in between the rail and seat molding.

Chester_Tan good idea! will try that and report back



Any luck with this? I experience the same issue.

Hello dragonfax,

welcome at Stridaforum!
Did you already try any of above hints?

Same problem.

No luck with rubber from tire tube :confused:
Three weeks later and…

Next try is ballon rubber.