Strida in world news today at Korean Olympic torch relay!

Strida has been on the news front pages around the world today!

During the fighting in Seoul today at the Olympic torch relay, a Chinese student was photographed taking a flying kick at a Strida rider:

Here’s the report and photgraph from CNN:

Apparantly the victim is a member of the Korean Strida forum, so I hope we’ll hear more directly from him or his friends soon.

But more importantly, is the strida okay? :stuck_out_tongue:

The name of victim is Cheol-Hun Park.
He said, “My bicycle had been robbed by Chinese students there.”

At the day, Korean police was concentrating all efforts on protecting the Beijing Olympic torch. But that’s a big mistake. There were about 8,000 Chinese students and they became violent soon. While Mr Park was under attack and shouting, “Police… Please help me… I hope to live!!”, the police didn’t notice this terrible accident because it was occured on their back. When police turned back, it’s too late!

As the result, Korean netizens have been gathering pictures and videos to find out the criminals.url=[/url] And Korean students who are studying with the criminals are supplying criminals’ personal information. Major potal service providers are continuously deleting the bad posts including personal information on public service pages but it seems impossible to stop the progress because there are a lot of personal blog posts and any service providers can’t delete personal blog posts without the owner’s agreement.

Mr Park set USD 1,000 of price on the four criminals’ heads. url=[/url]
The criminals lists are growing as moving from one to the other blog posts. url=[/url]

Korean Strida forum members are full of anger. Most students of them seem to be involved in finding criminals in their universities. Sadly, no one supports Beijing Olympic on the forum now. To Korean Strida riders and most of bicycle lovers, the Olympic was over two days ago.

"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."──Albert Einstein
"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."──Samuel Johnson

Today, Korean Prime Minister issued;

  1. Korean government will handle this organized violence under the law and principles.
  2. There will be no exception whatever their nationalities are.
  3. Every foreign criminal will be expelled from Korea.
    And the criminal investigation sent investigators to several local universities to find violent Chinese protestors.

Maybe, somebody is curious to know why they attacked him.
Mr Park doesn’t know that too :open_mouth:

Maybe you can find the answers here: :confused:

Mr. Park launched an appeal fund for helping Chinese peoples in the recent disaster. He said, “The help and rescue should be the first of all. And an apology would be enough for my forgiveness about the past violence.”

WOW … that is BIG of him … we can learn from that great attitude.

I have keep & post in Thai newspaper since 28/4/08 long long time :cry: