Strida in SG

Hey guys!

This April, I’ll be going to Singapore for a work-related event. I’m thinking of bringing my Strida to go around the country during my free time. Do you recommend going bimodal in SG or just leave the bike and ride the MRT? Tips? What to look out for when riding around with a bike? Security?

Any inputs are well appreciated.

THANKS! :smiley:

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Or have a look here:
singapore 24km ride on strida

Thanks, Blackstridaaustria! :smiley:

I found this.

looks like you will want to bring it. Do you shove the strida in a golf travel bag or just the strida bag? I would prefer my own bike instead of renting because you would have to return it at the origin and it is just not the same quality.


wow those are some pretty tight rules there. I think the only bike you can sneak into the transit is either the abike or a wrapped up carryme which would just look like a big bag instead. I think once car congestion becomes a huge problem they might open it up and adopt more of the european rules and lifestyles. Riding in hong kong is pretty scary though unless you are in the park trails.

thanks, Edd, for the link but unfortunately, I’ll be in SG by April 17 to 20 only. I have the entire 17th to roam around.

I’m bringin the padded Strida Travel bag with me. Gosh I do I hope I still get within the 15Kg check-in limit with the bag and the helmet et al.

Yeah! Riding my own bike gives me a sense of comfort…that I don’t need to always think of the bike’s end-condition when returning it.

Blackstridaaustria, I replied to the original post. Thanks for forwarding it nonetheless. :smiley:

Edd, the first time I read it, it looked really scarry. :frowning: I’m thinking of not bringing it at all. Hahahaha…

Fine, donleow seems to be a very kind and helpful person, hope you meet him :smiley: