Strida in Serbia

Hello fellow Strida riders

Since 2015 I have Strida 5 black color.
We have a lot of fun! :smiley:

For time being I’ve changed tires, added fold alu pedals and got transport bag,
nearest place for me to get spares is Czech Republic, Prague.

Recently I’ve seen an electric upgrade? has anybody else tried it :question:

Also I am interested to increase wheel diameter from 16 to 18 and to install if possible 3 speed gears on rear wheel? :bulb:

Will post picture of mine beauty soon
Greetings to all from Belgrade, Serbia

Hello strida.belgrade,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

The electric Strida is still not ready for the European market as far I know.

Switching wheels is not a problem, and for a three gear upgrade you need just a bit patience :wink:

Kind regards from Vienna,


Hello Chris,

I am planing to visit Vienna end on April
(Lisa Stansfield concert) aka (
Also there is a rep office of Hiddenpower G.m.b.H

Their elec I had in mind, send them a email got response no valid recipient email exists?

Since you’re already on location you may already had soem contact with them?

Ah yes I do know them of course…funny store…literally EACH time I visited them they told me about something which is in fact not existent… :laughing:

…and for HP: Yes, I had (enough).
Strida hidden power electric Kit

I was referring to E Strida - the genuine electric one by Ming

Edit: Btw, the most sophisticated solution for my meaning comes from Russia:
Strida electric drive by Aleksandr Mironov

does it have to be electric?

does it have to be electric?
the previos link was wrong

Thank you for sharing link
Petrol (gasoline) engine sounds nice
Electric engine is looking towards future

For time being I plan to upgrade whells from 16 to 18 and to change gear from single to 2 gear type
around 600 eur worth upgrade almost price of new 18 wheeler 2 speed model

luckily weather here is showy (march 21) so no rush needed for upgrade or 2nd model in garage?!?