Strida in Japanese Comics

Strida 2 appears on a Japanese comic book which was published 10 years ago.

This is a garage kit of a female character named Miho Yanagi, who appears on one of the stories called “Temptation of a Triangle” in that comic book. The model kit was produced by J-FACTORY Hobby Shop in Japan.
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How in the world do you find this stuff!?! You really post some funky stuff.

Here is the story. :wink:

Funny stuff and she’s using a picnica too. Very interesting but unfortunately I don’t understand japanese at all. Also on page 132 he’s riding that strida standing up it seems! Don’t think anyone on this forum tried that before!


I love the basket on the front of the comic strida. Where can I get one? LOL!

Rapunzel .

The Strida 2 with a big basket attached on the front was made by FUJISAWA in Japan 10 years ago. However, his website has been down for a long time. :frowning:

This is the only picture of that Strida 2 which I can find on the Internet nowadays.

After attaching such a hugh basket on the front tube, the Strida cannot be folded anymore. Nevertheless, there’re always alternative solutions. :wink: