Strida Identification

Hi - I bought this frame very cheaply (knowing it needs brake levers, seat moulding, grips etc.).

Can anyone tell me which model it is?


Hi Chris,

that is a StridaLikeObject.



Do you mean it’s an unlicensed version?

Sorry the Guest post was me not logged in!

Not any problem :smiley:

There is just one genuine version existent - these are made by Ming cycle Taiwan.

That above can’t be called a Strida version because these don’t have anything in common with a genuine Strida - except the look.

I had one of these fakes in hands a while ago, that was the poorest quality “bike” I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for letting me know - I have the option to stop the sale, so I think I will, especially if Strida parts might not fit it!

There is a good chance that Strida parts do not fit!

One detail for identifying:
The slot below the bottom bracket - there is something welded next to it, right?
Ming cycle never did that - but moreover that I’d expect belt tension adjustment issues because the slot’s length seems shorter than normal!

Yes indeed - keep your hands off that offer (if it was offered as fake).
If it was offered as a genuine one - please go and slap the seller generously. :imp:

Edit; there are more hints to be found via forum search and “SLO” :wink: