Strida front wheel magnet spacer

Hello Strida Fans, I have been riding the last few months with 16 inch Schwalbe Big Apples mounted on my EVO. I love the ride but when the Big Apples are fully inflated the front wheel magnet will not connect with the rear wheel magnet keeper. I solved this by having my friend a machinist machine a aluminum 5 mm spacer.

With this spacer the magnet connects with the tires inflated to 70 psi or 5 bar. Folded the Strida will still roll easy using the spacer.

cheers Bill

thickness is 5mm, but what are the inner and outer dimensions?

Bill wrote at his page below additional info 3.5 cm (outer diameter) - guess that’s an estimation.

It’s not critical at all, I’d say you might use any outer diameter between 32 mm (= diameter of the magnet) and ~ 20 mm to leave enough material, the inner hole has to be of 8 mm Ø to fit the axle stump.