Strida frame damage

I’ve crash with my 2 month old strida 5.0. Now the wheels are not on the same line. What can I do ?

Contact your dealer if you have one. If not, try e-mailing your distributor (search the Strida website). You might even try contacting Mark Sanders, the designer, as he still takes a keen interest in his creation even though he is no longer involved and has moved on to other projects. He has posted recent tips on Strida mechanics and maintenance. If you search this forum you will find his e-mail address, I think under the “Say No To Fake Stridas” thread.

You’ll probably need to be more specific on the extent of damage and how it occurred.

How far has the tube bent ?

If its not bent too far … it is possible, with care, to bend back (reset) an aluminium frame. BUT it must be done carefully and then checked for cracks. Do you have a big bench-top vice ? if so, you could line the jaws with wood to protect the tubes, and then with the tube ideally removed from the frame, clamp it enough to grip, but not crush, and carefully straighten the bend.

Otherwise, Strida Uk used to sell spare individual frame tubes, at reasonable prices (eg under £50). Maybe you local dealer will have a spare tube ? … or could do a ‘swop out’ deal ?

Good luck !! Please let us know how it works out.