Strida Evo vs. Brompton?


Searching the archives here didn’t return reviews comparing the Strida Evo to the Brompton.

AFAIK, the Strida Evo and the Brompton are the most compact and best options for commuters to take into the bus/métro.

I’m thinking of getting a Strida for that use because the Birdy is a bit bulky, can’t be wheeled when folded, and takes a bit too much time to fold if I’d have to do this a few times a day.

I was wondering if someone here had tried both on similar routes and could post some feedback.

Thank you.

I love to fly past them with my Strida EVO :wink:
No seriously, one of the big + for Strida is that it can be easily used as walking stick. For this reason I would never go back to traditional design for folding bike.

Thanks. So, I should expect to go as fast on a Strida EVO as on a Brompton?

In Brussels this morning. … -22-43.png

The Brompton has a compact fold and that’s it.

I am probably 4 years late to reply to this thread… but anyway wanted to share on this topic.

I honestly believe that the Strida EVO is faster than the Brompton 3 speed. Not too sure of the 6-speed though. I have owned my Strida EVO for a year now and Bromptons are the probably most popular “branded” folding bike in Singapore - where I currently reside and ride. Others are the non-branded super market trolleys.

I myself also almost purchased the Brompton - “to go with the crowd” - but in the end I settled for the Strida EVO for the reasons which has been stated in this thread:

  1. the fold - it folds like an umbrella and I can walk it like a small baby stroller with one hand - EASY ! Easy on MRT (our train system), SBS Transit (bus), etc. I know Brompton can too - but it’s more complex to fold!
  2. the kelvar cable – it’s NICE not to have a dirty chain when you plan to travel and carry it - espically if you use for travel to work and getting bike grease on your nice work clothes.
  3. I happen to live 200 metres from the official Singapore Strida Distributor (Hello Bicycles!). I do stay near Brompton distributor too - a few bus stops away (Mighty Velo).
  4. Price!!! I can buy 2 Strida EVO’s for 1 Brompton 3 speed - there about pending if on sales etc

Anyway - interesting story - I once riding on the East Coast park trial which is a nice smooth straight stretch of cycling track in Singapore — I had this bike tail me. I got a glimpse of him on the bends - moved left - and allowed him to pass. He did not. He kept tailing me - so I though maybe he wants to “stay in my slip stream” (LOL). Anyway I kickbacked the EVO gear to the 3rd and ramped up the speed - lost him a bit and then later he catches up - we repeat this 5-6 times and probably covered around 5-6 Km. In the last round I shifted left and allowed him to pass me - this time he accelerated and came to my side and asked what bike I was riding and he expressed he was so surprised he barely could keep up speed with me. It was only then I was able to notice his bike - he was on a 6 speed Brompton. I was kinda surprised – I know there are many factors on speed – fitness of rider, endurance, tyres, gear selection, weight etc… but end of story is the Strida EVO when compared to a Brompton - it does really FLY a bit.

Just an old man story here :sunglasses:

Hi Willie,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

and many thanks for sharing your nice story.

Brompton is anyway a respectable and really good bike - just the rolling function… :unamused: :laughing:

Have a safe ride with your EVO,
kind regards,